In Which Saeon Convinces Me She And Uti Nwachukwu Are In A Fakelationship

You guys, Saeon is amazing! She has in a single interview managed to convince me that this thing with Uti is definitely FAKE. Not that I ever thought it was even remotely real.
She tells Punch:
“I don’t like to put my personal business out there.”
(I’m sorry, what? Why then are you giving this interview??)
“I have known Uti for a while and he was in my only video. I met him prior to shooting the video because he helped me to bring some of the things I used in the video from England. We started talking, hanging out and then this.”
(and then this? A fakelationship?? You’d think anyone in love would say ‘and then we fell in love. No?)
“We are in love and he is a very honest person and also genuine. People would always say things about him which obviously are not true but that would not stop him from being him. He is God-fearing, very funny and of course, good-looking. This affair is no publicity stunt;”
(yeah, right. Of course, it isn’t. LOL )
“even though I know Uti is a big brand and I am only an emerging brand.”

So basically, she doesn’t wanna talk about her love life, but she’s still gonna talk about it without actually telling us anything romantic they’ve done, instead she’ll just tell us how God-fearing, funny & whatever Uti is with zero excitement in her voice & end by stating that its not a publicity stunt???
I just weak.

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