Dencia Wants You To Know Just How Dumb She Is

So, um guys, Dementia is still tryna be famous. She’s obviously not selling that whitenicious shit as well as she’d like us to believe, or she wouldn’t be all up in our faces, every single day.
The ray of light that is Lupita Nyong’o spoke about black beauty at a Hollywood luncheon & mentioned getting a letter from a fan thinking of using Shitilicious. Dementia being the skeevy twat that she is went crazy on twitter again.
I’m totally in support of a hoe doing whatever she’s gotta do to make bank, but this particular hoe needs to chill. I mean, you really think a REAL star would go out of her way to mention you, a FAKE ass, shitbrained, nauseating cumwhore in a speech?
I’m starting to feel this bitch might be thinking with her implants.

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