Le Hustle; Hosted By A Very Wet Tiwa Savage

Ms. Unnecessary High Pitch “performed” at a gala night over the weekend & yes, she brought her bare feet again. The first time, it was different, maybe even nice, but it had been raining & it was an outdoor event so she had an excuse. What I want to know is why this trick is barefoot on an obviously dry stage at The Civic Centre in Lagos.
Now, let me draw your attention to the true STAR of this event, that slippery, shining, dripping wet armpit! Tee Billz is such a lucky man, getting to lick that every night! And now that we know where those lips have been, let’s all take five minutes to bleach out our brains.
Well, every trick needs to make bank somehow. She’s making money by being a wet, barefoot mess, Dementia chooses to sell Shitilicious & Maheeda’s still trying that whole sleazy stripper routine. So, um happy hustling boo.
No,I most definitely did not forget the lesser stars of that picture, that super muscular “she-hulk arm” behind Ms. Croaky & those ‘Yam Legs’ beside her. This picture is PERFECTION!

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