Maheeda Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Tryna Get Famous

Some little girls grow up to become people, some become skeevy cumwhores. The elegant mosquito that is Maheeda is gifting us with another music video, although no one asked. If this is anything like her first video, it’ll just be shots of her saggy ass, potbelly, scary face & tacky wigs over & over. I’ve got no problem with a hoe tryna feel sexy, all I’m saying is if you’re gonna strip, go all the way. Stop with the ass shots & cleavage zooms, give us EVERYTHING or shut this shit down. Quit teasing those male “models” in your videos, if you’re gonna be nude around ’em, you might as well give ’em handies or blowies. Why so selfish Maheeda?
And five minutes after this video was shot that trick painting her crotch exploded. She shoulda known better. You don’t put your nose that close to such toxic fumes & expect to survive.


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