Sunday Fuckery; Hosted By Stylist Prince Uzoegwu

You guys, something called a Prince Uzoegwu spoke to Ladun Liadi over the weekend, & believe me, the immense fuckery he shat out is ALL you need to get you through this week.

What inspires your outfit?
“Basically I have always been a metro sexuality guy. I love being gothic and edgy.”

Metro sexuality guy? LOL Really? U don’t mean it!

“I hate pretty and the normal norms of dressing because I find it boring and over used”

Did you seriously just use normal & norms in the same sentence? Um, so I think Dementia might have a long lost sibling.

“The way I dress is my own means of accepting who I am. It is my way of expressing myself. Besides seeing Alexander Mcqueen’s collection when I was in high school tickled my interest in fashion and this brought about my obsession with everything to do with the way I dress.”


Do you mind telling us about HER?
“Well I am in a very private and passionate relationship with SOMEONE I call a soul mate.”
When are you thinking of settling down with HER?
I don’t think I will love to settle down because I am more career minded right now. But then you never can tell what love can do.

See what I did there? Ladun keeps asking after HER, he keeps talking about SOMEONE.

So basically, Prince wants y’all to know he’s not gay, he’s simply a “metro sexuality” guy, whatever that means & he’s in a relationship with someone who could be a she, he or an it. Judging by these photos below, its probably an IT, sorry, I take that back, Prince Uzoegwu is definitely in a relationship with an IT. And yes, that’s eye shadow, mascara, female boots & his dick below. Now excuse me while I puke my intestines out.

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