Le Hustle; Hosted By Fourteen Pregnant Nollywood Stars

There’s so much foolery in these pictures, if you’ve not yet given up on nollywood, you might need to get checked. So many potbellies! What are these people eating? Let me rephrase that; what aren’t these people eating??
These washed up nollysluts played against a ghollywood (ghollywood? This is the best y’all could come up with?) team last week & lost, DUH! I will never, ever know how they managed to score one goal. Those jerseys & shorts are two sizes too small for all of em. NOBODY needs to see these baby bumps or bulges. Eew. What have y’all been doing with your lives? Eating for a village?
And don’t even try to figure out what those two are doing in that last picture. Just Gross


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