Gideon Okeke Tries To Outdo Flavour, Forgets To Include His Dick

I’ve tried, I really have, but I still can’t with Gideon Okeke. Not today, not ever. I know he’s supposed to be some sorta sexy? Nollywood hunk, but everytime I look at him, I cringe. He’s just scary, and NO, not American Horror Story scary, more The Conjuring kinda scary.

This mannequin uploaded a supposedly sexy picture on IG today and I don’t mean to be gross, but I’d rather ride that beautiful piano in the background than come within a mile of his alleged sexiness. Nigga, when are you gonna quit with the depressingly boring IG uploads?

I see you tryna be all sexy, biting your lip, but I’m just gonna point out that at least, Flavour gave us some side ass, if you’re tryna compete with him, you oughta give us a little more; a butt cheek, all of your ass, a peen print, or if you’re feeling lucky EVERYTHING. Am I asking for too much? Be nice Gideon, BE NICE!

And what is it with the fanny pack? Watchu got in there Gideon? Your butt plug?


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