HELP! Someone Is Stealing My Blog Posts

UPDATE: Knucklehead Dro has finally taken down the stolen posts. That don’t mean I’m taking down my post on him anytime soon tho. I know I’m mean, but I’m not mean enough to deny his kids & grandkids the chance to know the fucked up, no good, skeevy content thief angel that their dad is. So, post stays.

You guys, I’m so mad right now.

Some super shitty blog, “” is literally stealing my creativity. I mean, they’re just copying my posts & pasting on their site. I fucking have to come up with the idea for these posts myself, & the fact that some idiot is feeding off my genius is simply horrifying.

I mean, I’ve only been blogging for a month, A MONTH you guys, & someone’s already doing this. I’ve tried, but I just can’t keep blogging with the knowledge that some airhead is stalking my blog, waiting for shit to copy. And so, I’m taking an indefinite hiatus.

I mailed them, they ignored. I’ve already reported them to google & I’m supposed to wait a while for google to block their search visibility. So far, they’ve stolen three of my posts. Here are the links;

Gideon Okeke tries to outdo Flavour, forgets to include a little more

AreaMagTalk: Complete Fashion magazine’s Trailblazer issue editor deserves a
high five in the face

These are 10 darndest celebrity #FirstTweets ever

And in case you were wondering, this site is actually two weeks older than mine. It’s like, if you want me you coulda mailed me or something & I’d consider blogging for you. But no, you’re just gonna be all stupid about it.

I ♥ blogging, but I can’t be my best with these knuckleheads around, so I’ll be MIA for a while. Sayonara

2 thoughts on “HELP! Someone Is Stealing My Blog Posts”

  1. HI, I really do like your blog and I’m about to add it to the list of blogs I’m following.I am a blogger myself, though I’m still new in the bizness and I’ll be looking forward to learning one or two things from you about blogging….You’re doing a great job and its quite unfortunate that some people can be so shameless and pathetic by stealing from your creativity…..anyways please don’t stop blogging, don’t allow them stop you from doing what you love…..


  2. I really wish I could help you. I’m actually pissed on your behalf. They ended one post with LNI. TF is LNI?! I hope google does something soon. Unfortunately both you and them do not blog with your real identities otherwise it could have been much easier to deal with. If they’re on social networks; twitter, FB, IG, then you may have to take to those for now and call them out for the thieves that they are, and cc them in all your tweets. But that still brings us back to the identity issue. Well, somehow you just have to find away because intellectual property theft is the lowest and the most painful. Good luck Hun.


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