Gidi Up Season Two Episode One Review; Why Are You Pulling Our Dicks?

Bitches, I’m Baaack! 😀

It took all the discipline in the world to not blog about that video of Tiwa tryna be sexier than a possessed Kangaroo on steroids! Lawd! You don’t blog for 3 months & the craziest shit happens. Gidi Up is back now & while I can’t promise ill be blogging regularly again, ill be reviewing every episode of this fuckery I see. Buckle up, we going in.

You guys, after 27 minutes on its season premiere, I’m not yet sure how I feel about this joke season. Before I get into this, I just wanna make sure y’all are already thinking of excuses in advance, cuz it’s gonna be pretty hard to defend the show runners when I tell you what they’ve done.

I was gonna add a link to the first season for those who missed it, but considering that almost EVERY actor from season one has been recast, that’s pointless. I mean, I saw & loved season one, but I still can’t make shit of this new season, so we all in the same boat. You’d think that after a 14month hiatus & major actor replacements, anyone with half a brain would send out a press release explaining the changes & introducing the newbies, but no, we just get a whole new show with a lotta questionable new actors in roles I’m not exactly sure make sense.

I’m like, I’m just here cuz I got 30mins to blow & I kinda like your show, but then you switch up shit & expect me to spend the time tryna figure out who’s replacing who? #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

On the first ep of this snoozefest, Obi’s still broke, Yvonne’s still broke too. So, what do you do when you’re broke? Move in with a friend who’s not broke & discuss your joint “brokeness” over cereal in a scene in which there’s so much background noise in a dining room??? that I’m pretty sure my eardrums exploded. Wtf you guys? Tokunbo’s tryna run Techserve, his startup company & Eki’s gone from the focused photographer of last season to just some chick in love. Way to go guys, is this the character growth you promised??

We get a flashback to a scene of Yvonne at the police station with a detective who’s so hot for her I’m shocked his dick didn’t fall off & try to climb up her vagina. EWW. There she warns Folarin to leave her alone for good or she’ll kill him. LOL. Bitch, he beat you like a cow last season, he can still do that again. Stfu already. Obviously, I’m not encouraging violence , but Somkele Iyamah looked more awkward in that scene than Seyi Shay ever has, & that’s saying something cuz that hussy looks awkward 101% of the time.

Obi goes to see his manager?boss?owner? What is that trick supposed to be? to ask for upfront pay on his TV deal which he doesn’t get,duh!, tries to chat up a hot chick in the lobby & she’s a total HBIC & dismisses him. Then, everyone’s at an all-white dinner some dude’s throwing for Tokunbo. Eki tells Yvonne she thinks Tok’s is the one, he tells Obi, it’s just a fling, I DOZE OFF.

Dinner’s over, Obi’s driving home, his loan shark’s touts overtake & fuck him up so bad he’s left half dead on the road. Its FINALLY over, I’m FREE!

On the plus side, O.C Ukeje & Deyemi Okanlawon are together again! (yep, I saw Knock Knock too, I know, I’ve got waaay to much free time) which is always good TV. Oh, & rhinocopotamous mannequin, Toolz has a 15sec cameo as someone or a statue, I’m not sure.

I’d sum up the episode in one word, but I truly can’t think of an awful enough word, so, ill just let this dude’s facial expression do that for me.

Side note to all em thirsty hoes looking for blog posts to steal, if you use this, you better link this blog to your post & state your source CLEARLY. Just ask my runaway boo, Dro.

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