Gidi Up Season Two Episode Six Review; RIP Eki

You know what, you guys? Last week’s episode was a total snooze-o-rama. I don’t know about you but I’m still reeling from the sheer amount of dumbassery I got hit with in just twenty minutes. So let me be the first to thank the writers for that awesome five minute intro with Toks & Obi cuz lawd knows I needed a distraction from all the idiocy last week.

Obi rapes Illa on the phone, Tok’s talks about techserve, they talk Eki, hookups & money. Makida Moka Robocunt walks in & thankfully doesn’t give us the deets on the I’m-not-sure-but-I’ll-bet-my-firstborn-it-most-definitely-was boring ass sex she & Obi had last night.

Von’s got a customer, Eki mopes around Vone HQ, Ifeanyi Dike speaks & 9,958,896,084,842,752,752 is approximately the number of ovaries that explode whenever he speaks :), Sharon struts in, says some BS & leaves. SIDE NOTE; If I ever have to watch another 30 seconds of Eki crying, I will physically harm myself.

Iono about y’all, but I’ve tried super hard, I just can’t come up with a reason for Folarin’s continued existence on this show. The writers better have a mind blowing revelation about him ahead to justify the unnecessary scenes he’s in every other week. Jide Kosoko guest stars & is A+mazing as always.

Obi’s on air with Wana & you guys, I heard this unreal GBAGAUN on the show. Someone calls in & goes;
Caller- Uche here, we met at Mo’s party a few weeks ago.
Wana- Uche what’s the gist? Any dirt?
Caller- Of course “I do”


Bruh, she didn’t ask “Got any dirt?” she asked “Any dirt?” What’s the “I do” for?? I know I’ve asked this a jillion times, but “Who or What the fuck is responsible for the wacky dialogue on this show???”

Numbskull Uche & Wana bully Obi into a date with a random caller. Von’s closing up at her store & Meka literally runs into her. Oh My Fucking Goodness, how long till these two just bone? Feel free to nap while I sum up this scene. They fall, they laugh, he helps her up, they laugh again, he tries to kiss her, tart says she can’t betray Sharon, Meka gives a BS speech about love, she says no, he leaves.

Obi can’t borrow Tok’s Range for his date & takes a smaller car, picks up his faker-than-Venita Akpofure’s $10,000 butt implants date, Temi, whose sing-song accent + shrill voice will dry up your vagina. Bitch hates the small, non-a.c car, calls a friend, gets off & takes a pic to show everyone how lame Obi is, then mocks him.

In the final scene, Toks tells Eki to get an abortion & I really hope she listens, dies doing it & gets tossed in the ocean. Fucking useless character. If this really happens, may I just say I’m looking forward to many Eki-less moments in the near future. If nothing else, the show’s at least gonna get fewer wtf weeping scenes & move along much faster.

How I feel about this episode?

4 thoughts on “Gidi Up Season Two Episode Six Review; RIP Eki”

    1. LMAO! I can relate to this comment. Gidi Up brought me here and now I have read every single post on this blog. Interesting blog you got here LindaNotIkeji. Looking forward to more reviews; not just from Gidi Up though but other shows


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