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Stars In Rags; The House Of Nwocha Shitshow Edition

1. Hey there, I’m IK, king of awkwardness & this is Juliet & together we’ll be making some of the CRAPPIEST MUSIC YOU’LL EVER HERE
2. Ugh, you again? Give up the crown already.
3. Your face scares me.
4. Awesome table cloth boo, really cute.
5. There are not enough words to describe how horrible this is.
6. Twice as trashy.
7. Is that an elastic waistband? Why can I see the outline of your underwear?? Why are you doing this to us???

Can’t Sleep? These Pictures Will Make You Doze Right Off

I don’t even know what’s funnier, that someone put this trick in that fugly purple jumpsuit or that the crown’s falling off her head.
Honey, you’re pretty, but your modeling skills are 0.
Is it just me, or does it feel like she’s been MBGN forever? Next, please.