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Is SoundCity’s Dro Ameh Guilty Of Journalistic Fraud?

Wait…so you’re telling me Dro Ameh is a phony faker? Colour me a shit-shade of not surprised! Considering he & something called a Kelvin Luciano once faked AN ENTIRE ASA ALBUM! How do you even do that?

I guess his twitter bio is a shitload of bullshit then. Content develper? Ha! More like content thief. Yep, you guessed it, Dro Ameh is the twant behind areafather.com, He stole not one, but THREE OF MY BLOG POSTS, reproduced them on his without permission & refused to take ’em down.

This “It” works at Soundcity/ SpiceTv owned by Consolidated Media Associates, is 35 years old (I know guys, a 35 year old nutjob, he prolly gon die stupid), is obsessed with some trick named Moet Abebe, lives on Bishop Aboyade Close, VI (I think) & might have the UGLIEST DICK I’ve ever seen. STOP! If you didn’t click that link, go back! Trust me, you NEED 2 see this dick. LOL. The things I find on the internet.

What I find rather shocking is that this same douche contacted me about blogging for it a few weeks before it decided to just steal my shit & just cuz I’m a really nice person, I’m also gonna drop its emails – dro@soundcity.tv, dro.ameh@myspice.tv & mobile no. 08063822578. Do whatever you like with them, guys.

Now Dro honey, I know you’re reading this, so next time, before you steal, ya might wanna try not to leave so much info on the web about you. Finding you was super easy. Or um, you could also just ask for permission? But I guess that’d be too much for your Shitilicious brain to handle.

One more thing, if you’re a blogger feel free to copy n reblog ONLY this post as many times as you can or it might just steal from YOUR BLOG next. I should return to blogging now that I’ve caught the numbskull, but I’m loving me some “me time”. I mean, I’ve missed my spa days n tv series so much! But I’ll be blogging regularly soon cuz um, where else are y’all gonna learn about fucked up TV shows, photoshop disasters, & Genevieve Nnaji’s disastrous life choices if not here?

I know guys, I’m pretty awesome. LOL. I’m kidding. ♥ u guys too.