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Is SoundCity’s Dro Ameh Guilty Of Journalistic Fraud?

Wait…so you’re telling me Dro Ameh is a phony faker? Colour me a shit-shade of not surprised! Considering he & something called a Kelvin Luciano once faked AN ENTIRE ASA ALBUM! How do you even do that?

I guess his twitter bio is a shitload of bullshit then. Content develper? Ha! More like content thief. Yep, you guessed it, Dro Ameh is the twant behind areafather.com, He stole not one, but THREE OF MY BLOG POSTS, reproduced them on his without permission & refused to take ’em down.

This “It” works at Soundcity/ SpiceTv owned by Consolidated Media Associates, is 35 years old (I know guys, a 35 year old nutjob, he prolly gon die stupid), is obsessed with some trick named Moet Abebe, lives on Bishop Aboyade Close, VI (I think) & might have the UGLIEST DICK I’ve ever seen. STOP! If you didn’t click that link, go back! Trust me, you NEED 2 see this dick. LOL. The things I find on the internet.

What I find rather shocking is that this same douche contacted me about blogging for it a few weeks before it decided to just steal my shit & just cuz I’m a really nice person, I’m also gonna drop its emails – dro@soundcity.tv, dro.ameh@myspice.tv & mobile no. 08063822578. Do whatever you like with them, guys.

Now Dro honey, I know you’re reading this, so next time, before you steal, ya might wanna try not to leave so much info on the web about you. Finding you was super easy. Or um, you could also just ask for permission? But I guess that’d be too much for your Shitilicious brain to handle.

One more thing, if you’re a blogger feel free to copy n reblog ONLY this post as many times as you can or it might just steal from YOUR BLOG next. I should return to blogging now that I’ve caught the numbskull, but I’m loving me some “me time”. I mean, I’ve missed my spa days n tv series so much! But I’ll be blogging regularly soon cuz um, where else are y’all gonna learn about fucked up TV shows, photoshop disasters, & Genevieve Nnaji’s disastrous life choices if not here?

I know guys, I’m pretty awesome. LOL. I’m kidding. ♥ u guys too.

50 Shades Of Delusion; The Complete Fashion Mag Edition

Easter came early, you guys! cuz Complete Fashion, a mag that iono who the fuck still reads, is gifting us with its trailblazers knuckleheads edition & man! the delusion on this one is thick.

How perfect is it that Toke is basically photoshopped into the most shapeless mermaid alive, O.C looks lost + high & that alien on the right is supposedly Seyi Shay? This is the most snoozeworthy cover of all time. I mean, it could be a photo of sand on that cover & there’d be no difference.

While you’re still tryna get how Seyi Shay & Toke are trailblazers, let me direct you to the inner cover on which Sean Tizzle, Kach, Emma Nyra, B-Red & Beverly Naya are listed as “The Ones to Watch”

Where do I even start?
Sean Tizzle? Really, someone wants us to watch the scarier, shorter, less talented but more shapeless version of Davido? I’ll pass.
Kach; what are you???
Emma Nyra – Iyanya’s maid? No, thank you.
B-Red; um, who?
Beverly Naya; ok guys, I’m actually with CF mag on this, we should totally watch out for that awkwardly bent neck before it snaps & her head rolls into obscurity.

Whoever is responsible for this magazzzzzine deserves a high five, in the face, with a stool. ASAP! On second thought, make that a dozen stools.

Ghost Queen, Pela Okiemute Says He Has A Girlfriend, Fails To Convince Me She’s Real

I usually try not to get offended by the “celebrity” shit that I hear daily, but I’m just getting word that Pela Okiemute is insisting he has a girlfriend, and I just want to know what the hell kinda fools he thinks we are.
This nutjob isn’t just saying he’s got a girl, he claims to have been dating her for three years now. I just gotta ask, what sorta fucked up bitch stays with a guy & watches him transform from black to brown to caramel to orange to yellow to white to Off white to faded in three years? (feel free to add any shade I might’ve missed)
Why are we just hearing about her now, only after a certain law has been passed?
I don’t mean to scare y’all or anything, but I just gotta point out that in under two months, four “connected” guys have all suddenly fallen in love. First, it was Uti, next Alexx, then our “metro sexuality guy” Prince & now this parasite. How long till Infantata (Denrele) goes crazy & starts dating Dementia?
And, just in case you’re wondering, this shit went down on Toke’s TRENDING snoozefest. We ALL oughta slow clap for the cinematographer who recorded that, I mean, how did he not instantly go blind as a bat with all the “heavenly whiteness” radiating in that room? Toke & Pela in one room?? I’m surprised those studios didn’t explode from the sheer intensity of the fumes emanating from these two stunt queens.
I’m just gonna leave this picture below of Ghost Queen & the “girlfriend” I suspect he’s referring to. Yeah, I still don’t believe the bottom bitch in this picture fucked that baby into that tricky White Witch, Toyin Lawani. Nice try guys, but I ain’t buying it.

The Photoshop Awards; Toke Makina For TW Magazine

After seeing the Rita Dominic & Toolz photoshop debacles, I did not think it could get worse. Leave it to TW magazine to surprise us in ways we did NOT need. TW mag says that ghost on the cover is supposedly Toke Makinwa, I say bullshit.
As unbelievable as it sounds, Toke’s TW mag cover might actually be faker than she is!
First, we’ve got her deadbeat, not muscular, fitness expert accessory, Maje giving us black Shrek vibes, then there’s those shoes. Lawd! Those awful, awful shoes. And finally, its Toke herself rocking her granny’s favorite shower curtain & that godawful sawdust hair.
I’ve got a million questions, but I’ll ask the most important, Why aren’t those real rocks so these two can fall of the face of the earth for good? Why??
You’d think this was bad enough, but no, TW mag just had to photoshop the emotions out of their faces & suck the life right out of their eyes, leaving these two zombie-ogre hybrids on the cover.
The only real thing about this cover is the terror on that puppy’s face. I’d be that petrified too, if the Queen of death eaters held me in her laps & smiled. You can almost hear it screaming for help. Who’s idea was it anyway to shoot this super shitty cover with these two? What were you high on? Shitilicious?

Stars In Rags; The Waje Live And Unplugged Edition

1. Let me introduce y’all to the true star of this event; that nicely curved thing “standing” between Bez & Gbemi
2. Moet Abebe- Hun, you will NEVER have a flat tummy, no matter how hard you hold your breath. So, just breathe you adorable female wrestler.
3. Olisa Adibua- Fugliest jeans ever!
4. Waje- Those legs. Ugh
5. Bez- Time to hit the gym?
6. Moses- Um, who let the apes out?
7. Toke- Your face still scares me.
8. Andrea- LOL. Stunning mop you got on your head hun. That hair colour? Really??
9. Why are you wearing your granny’s shower curtain?
10. I just had to post this, there’s way too much fuckery going on here for me to ignore.

Stars In Rags; The House Of Nwocha Shitshow Edition

1. Hey there, I’m IK, king of awkwardness & this is Juliet & together we’ll be making some of the CRAPPIEST MUSIC YOU’LL EVER HERE
2. Ugh, you again? Give up the crown already.
3. Your face scares me.
4. Awesome table cloth boo, really cute.
5. There are not enough words to describe how horrible this is.
6. Twice as trashy.
7. Is that an elastic waistband? Why can I see the outline of your underwear?? Why are you doing this to us???

Stars In Rags; The Darey Concert Edition II

1. Hey there, my name is Gideon & I’ll be your waiter for tonight.
2. Vina – Ratchet much?
3. Ugh, who let the chimpanzees out?
4. Zaina – akwoche? or mosquito net??
5. Beverly – wtf hair?
6. Sweety, iono you, but you might wanna ease up? Standing at attention on a red carpet??

In Honour Of The De Vil

The end is near. It’s the apocalypse y’all. That’s the only reason for Ms. De Vil to smile so widely. Either that or she’s sucked the life out of those two unlucky guys below. Notice how dead their eyes look, now run to church & confess all your sins. The end is here.
These are pictures from some shitty event in her honour. Ugh, since when do dumbfucks get honoured for being the dumbfucks they are?

Le Hustle; Hosted By An Ostrich & Naomie Harris

You guys! What is it with Nigerian “celebrities” ALWAYS trying to famz Hollywood stars? I mean, its nice you were at a fashion show and even got a picture with ♥ Naomie ♥ , but wassup with you texting & mailing everyone you know to get it on blogs ASAP? Ugh. I like you Eku, I really do, just don’t go all Toke on us.
LOL at you stretching your neck in the second picture to get in the same shot with Naomie, Tinie & Harry.

Stars In Rags; The Darey Concert Edition

1.Kelly Rowland – wtf hair?
2.Eva – Isioma
3.Tiwa – ms. Unnecessary high pitch
4.Gbemi olateru-whatever
5.Toke – gumbody, mosquito
6.Ego – ♥
7.Vixen – Cruella De’Vil
8.Sasha P- She-hulk
9.Muna- jack of all trades