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I Just Weak; EXCLUSIVE; Dencia Debuts New Look On Oprah

That meticulously brushed wig! Those exquisite shades! That pristinely radiant skin! Those NATURALLY luscious lips! And Lawd! That tank top!
Dementia wishes she could, but that trick could NEVER pull this off. Not now, not in a jillion years. Not even if she stuffed all of her Shitilicious concoction up her butt.

This, Ladies & Gentlemen, is true unrefined ELEGANCE. Now, let the angels lift you to the heavens & beyond while you take in this image of pure artistic genius.


I Just Weak: Can’t Find Your Dick?

This is some model type called Chigozie in a supposedly hot photoshoot.
SHAME ON YOU for not giving us some ass, or at least a peen print. If you’re gonna strip, go all the way, or don’t bother. #PussyAssNigga
And NO, these pictures don’t make me wanna do whatever it is Miley’s trying to do below.