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Why Wild Animals Shouldn’t Use Instagram III

So help me, if Dementia doesn’t quit this her one-sided feud with Lupy ASAP, Imma tie that trick down & stuff a gazillion litres of Shitilicious up her overripe water melon butt.
Something called a Toni Payne is adding an extra layer of fuckery to this shitshow on instagram, while Dementia claims sales are up by 70%. You guys, I actually believe her, I mean she’s probably gone from selling 1 jar a day to 7, so hey, that’s 70% right? Or it could be that she’s just still thinking with her implants.
Thing is, we still don’t actually know what’s in that Shitilicious concoction. It could be her farts, squirts & what’s left of her shitty brains bottled up & she’s somehow selling it as a legit cream. Ugh, the fuckery we take from this knuckle head.