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Maheeda’s Kids Strip, Show Her How It’s Really Done

In her continued effort to #getmoneybitch, Maheeda has made genitals turn inside/out with her porn pictures, has made retinas curl by her boring softcore pornos, has made you throw up a barrel of laughs with her music and now she’s transferring her desperation to a whole new set of nollysluts.

Ever since this cumwhore took off her top, panties & brains & posed like a pregnant horse on camera, semi-famous hoes think they can do it too. Case in point: This wtf picture of the razz one tryna remember how to climb a toilet seat in her daughter’s fugliest gown while showing us as much of her coochie as possible. To think TuFace goes down on that. Gross.

A bitch has to get paid, I know, but does everything have to be bum shorts this and bum shorts that? If I want to see an image of something this horrendous, I’ll just google “Fattest Fucking Orangutan. Shit. That’s what normal people do. Oh well, it could be a lot worse. At least she’s not topless.

The expired nollyslut that is Emeka Enyiocha has been on the side of the stage, in the darkness, watching all the spotlights shine on Flavour’s yummy biceps & Gideon’s not so yummy abs, so he’s decided to get a little attention of his own by posing like he’s about to get fucked in shorts that even Cossy Hoejiakor would be ashamed to wear.

And yes, we should all blame this on Maheeda. Before that slut, shit like this rarely went down. Now EVERYONE wants to look a little sexier & show a little something. Apparently, being a couple of dead nollysluts isn’t enough anymore, they all gotta try to be sexy as well. Fuckers. And here’s a picture of the undisputed queen of thirsty hoes looking like a stoned coke addict tryna pull out her tampon.

Why Wild Animals Shouldn’t Use Twitter II

The tweets below are of ‘the bald one’ denying reports that he’s knocked up another hoe, and ‘the razz’ one trying to defend him.
The fact that they’re both viciously denying it, means it probably true. I don’t know what the fuss is about, I mean did she really think she could tie him down? Once a man slut, ALWAYS a man slut.