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Why Wild Animals Shouldn’t Use Instagram II

You guys, I am so excited to welcome y’all to round 2 of the VeezeeBaybeh/ Nicky Copwhatever feud with contributions from Tonto Decay & something called a Gbemi Phillips.
Bitch came at Nicky for borrowing hair, then Nicky & her “girlfriend” Gbemi called her out for being an insecure cumwhore currently in Atlanta for butt implants. Sound familiar?
Tonto Decay, being the over sharing dimwit that we all love, chipped in something about lesbianism & growing up in the most incoherent statement I’ve ever read.
Bottom line, these hoes need to grow up. Someone please tell me where I can fill an application to get them all banned from IG permanently. Ugh, enough already, grannies.
And just in case you’re like me & have no idea who these drag queens are, I’ve added pictures of Gbemi with Nicky & Veezee with Nicky below.

Why Wild Animals Shouldn’t Use Twitter IV

The tweets below are of some video hoe, Veezeebaybeh ( never heard of her) yapping about her friend, Nicky Copwhatever, stealing her human hair. Its a slow news day guys, I know.
This, ladies & gentlemen, is a classic case of one famewhore calling out another famewhore for being a famewhore by doing it in the most whore-ific way possible; twitter.
Grow Up Bitches!