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10 Stupidest First Tweets Of Your Favorite Nollysluts

Twitter’s eight people! Although most of us have only been on it for a few years. Twitter just introduced a new tool, First Tweet, with which you can see anybody’s first tweet EVER. Yours, your boo’s, your bff’s or your frienemie’s. And YES, you can find celebrities’ first tweets too!

WARNING! Do NOT click this link or you’ll be useless for the next few days, stalking the first tweet of everyone you know. Being the benevolent angel that I am, I’ve compiled the first tweets of some of our favorite nollysluts. You’re welcome.

LOL. You? A covenant with God? Stop it, my tummy hurts.


You guys, I give up, this trick has been partying for so long, its just pointless to try to make her quit now. TOO LATE

Nigga, how hard can it possibly be to navigate Uti’s butt twitter?

Me too hun, still tryna figure out watchu been doing with yo life since Ije, 2010

I hate to break it to ya, but it’s probably the same traffic your career has been in for a decade now.

I’ll be right here hun, listening to my music & watching you make questionable life choices.

LOL, exactly what you’ve achieved in the past five years

Good for you,J, now if only you’d learn how to actually ACT

WTF are you typing? What is this? Twitter for toddlers?

An Actual Human Being Is Dating Vic O?

It’s a miracle! No, you’re not going crazy, someone IS dating Vic O! An actual human being!, who I’m assuming he met at one of his ridiculously hilarious “hafter parries”
If you’ve been dead & somehow don’t know who Vic O is, let me allow him introduce himself with these lyrics from one of his “amazing” songs;
“Neegas I’m not hesactly what u tink i ham, Now if u must know who i ham, Am na-Am a man of V hi P. A man of Gad & I
not de madafacka. Ham de son of Gad Neegas. Ham just wanna let u neegas know dat life is had”
If this blog never gets updated again, its probably cuz I died laughing.