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In Honour Of The De Vil

The end is near. It’s the apocalypse y’all. That’s the only reason for Ms. De Vil to smile so widely. Either that or she’s sucked the life out of those two unlucky guys below. Notice how dead their eyes look, now run to church & confess all your sins. The end is here.
These are pictures from some shitty event in her honour. Ugh, since when do dumbfucks get honoured for being the dumbfucks they are?

Stars In Rags; The Darey Concert Edition

1.Kelly Rowland – wtf hair?
2.Eva – Isioma
3.Tiwa – ms. Unnecessary high pitch
4.Gbemi olateru-whatever
5.Toke – gumbody, mosquito
6.Ego – ♥
7.Vixen – Cruella De’Vil
8.Sasha P- She-hulk
9.Muna- jack of all trades