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Nadia Buari Unimpressed By Jim Iyke’s Stunt Queen Moves

You guys, its time for us to talk about how hard Kim Iyke is aiming for his very own Fartrashian style empire. So, Kim proposed to Nadia this week & she said yes, but there are still discussions to be had about the authenticity of this totally not at all staged proposal.

First off, the whole reason Kim started this scripted reality show is to be more like his idols, the Fartrashians. I hate to admit it, but those tricks are the queens of reality tv, they basically reinvented that genre & made it profitable, so anyone else is copying them, that includes you Omotola.

Now, considering we’ve already heard reports from Kim’s ex-girlfriend, Kentura Hamilton on how every second of that shit show is staged, and that somehow the cameras were right around the corner to capture this, I don’t mean to point fingers, but I think its pretty obvious Kim is 100% ripping off the Fartrashians.

And for someone who supposedly just got engaged, Nadia doesn’t sound too excited about it. Her tweets below are a dead giveaway, reminding us that “Jim Iyke Unscripted is anything but real. The sad thing is looking at pictures of em together, I actually think she might really love him, & he’s just gonna ruin this with his quest for fame.

Way to go Kim, selling out your fiancĂ©e for a tv show. How very Fartrashian of you. What’s next? A televised wedding special? Cripes! Be more gross n unoriginal.

Tiwa Savage Is Getting Married; Let The Famzing Begin

Unless you’ve been stuck between Cossy Hoejiakor’s gigantic watermelons, you probably already knew this was coming. Ms. Unnecessary High Pitch & her very gropey piece are officially signing up to become future ex-wife & ex-husband on April 26th, in Dubai.

Ms. Croaky should definitely toss her phone cuz now that we know this, EVERY SINGLE Nigerian “celebrity” will be calling to congratulate her try to sweet talk their way to an invite. Does anyone remember how crowded the bald one’s wedding to the razz one was last year? EVERYONE was there, actors, musicians, Uti & Boo, heck, even models & OAPs were there. This could potentially be twice as bad. I mean, what sorta celeb are you if you can’t famz your way to this? This will be more of a roll call, than an actual wedding.

And if the cringe-worthy fashion faux pas and reported fighting to get on the boat to Tuface’s wedding venue taught me anything, its to expect to absolute worst from our “celebs”.

April 26th, prepare yourselves!
Oh, & Dami & Chris , are still supposedly getting hitched on April 12th. Two weddings in one month? Can we just fast forward to April already.

In News Everybody Cares About; Damilola Adegbite Might Be Pregnant

Well, this kinda explains the rushed wedding.
Maestro’s Media claims that their sources can confirm that Telema is with child. This could be why she hasn’t been at events lately. It could also just be that she’s planning a wedding, you guys. I’m just saying, I’ve NEVER heard of this Maestro’s Media & they’re assuming she’s already 6 months pregnant, so um y’all might wanna take this with a grain of salt, in case it’s just a rumour. Then again, she’s always had something suspicious going on with her belly, so at this point she’s probably been pregnant for years.
I do get the feeling something’s not right here. Who plans a wedding in a month? Maybe I’m just paranoid, a little too crazy or still mad she stole Chris from us. Well in 4 weeks, we’ll know for sure.

This Rumor About Damilola Adegbite And Chris Attoh Getting Married Better Stay A Rumor

UPDATE: Cancel all your plans & prepare to spend the rest of today sobbing. This wedding is happening, Dami just tweeted a confirmation.
LIB is reporting that these two are signing up to become future ex-wife & ex-husband on April 12th. I want this to be false as much as the next person, but LIB is known for getting these details right & says that they’re trying to have a quiet wedding.
I’ve got a lotta questions. This means they’re already engaged. How did we not know that? Why haven’t we seen a ring yet? Is this a Prank? Am I dreaming? & more importantly, what does this mean for Dami’s “struggling” career?
As much as I wanna shut down my entire life & mourn this betrayal by Chris, I’m just gonna revel in the fact that in a few years from now, he’ll be single again & I’ll be ready to get it.
Y’all know this is the second tinsel wedding after Chuks & Ene. So, how long till Soji, Phillip & Angela have a threeway?