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White Witch, Toyin Lawani Wants You To Know She’s Still As Confused As Ever

A funny thing happened on IG today. The shit stain on humanity that is Toyin Lawani shared her new tattoo with a message about ignoring her “haters”. The irony’s on her cuz bitch aint got no haters. I hate to rain on your parade, but nobody gives a shit about you, your tailor shop fashion label, your bottom bitch fake boyfriend baby daddy, or that really unlucky baby he allegedly fucked into you.

LOL. Bitches be all over IG talking about haters that don’t exist.

I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how instagram hash tags work. No spacing? what is this? Instagram for beginners? Shh, nobody tell Toyin this, or that “ainoborry” & “gattime” aren’t actual words. Let’s all just let this trick continue to amaze us with her dumbfuckery. I don’t think I even need to go into how fugly this tattoo is, it speaks for itself.

Its a bummer kids can’t walk, cuz if it could, that baby would run faster than Usain Bolt to the moon to get as far as possible from the foolery oozing from its mother.

Ghost Queen, Pela Okiemute Says He Has A Girlfriend, Fails To Convince Me She’s Real

I usually try not to get offended by the “celebrity” shit that I hear daily, but I’m just getting word that Pela Okiemute is insisting he has a girlfriend, and I just want to know what the hell kinda fools he thinks we are.
This nutjob isn’t just saying he’s got a girl, he claims to have been dating her for three years now. I just gotta ask, what sorta fucked up bitch stays with a guy & watches him transform from black to brown to caramel to orange to yellow to white to Off white to faded in three years? (feel free to add any shade I might’ve missed)
Why are we just hearing about her now, only after a certain law has been passed?
I don’t mean to scare y’all or anything, but I just gotta point out that in under two months, four “connected” guys have all suddenly fallen in love. First, it was Uti, next Alexx, then our “metro sexuality guy” Prince & now this parasite. How long till Infantata (Denrele) goes crazy & starts dating Dementia?
And, just in case you’re wondering, this shit went down on Toke’s TRENDING snoozefest. We ALL oughta slow clap for the cinematographer who recorded that, I mean, how did he not instantly go blind as a bat with all the “heavenly whiteness” radiating in that room? Toke & Pela in one room?? I’m surprised those studios didn’t explode from the sheer intensity of the fumes emanating from these two stunt queens.
I’m just gonna leave this picture below of Ghost Queen & the “girlfriend” I suspect he’s referring to. Yeah, I still don’t believe the bottom bitch in this picture fucked that baby into that tricky White Witch, Toyin Lawani. Nice try guys, but I ain’t buying it.