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Who Famzed More; Unilag Or Enugu State Government?

Unilag wants to build a hostel in honour of the First Lady?
The Enugu State Government is congratulating Chiwetel now?
Why all this famzing Nigeria? WHY??

In WTF News Of The Day; Tiwa Savage Gets An Oil Deal

Executives at Forte Oil apparently got drunk yesterday & made Ms. Unnecessary High Pitch face of their brand. Oil companies get celeb ambassadors now?How long till PHCN signs Toke as its “face of light”?
Queuing at a gas station to refuel is annoying on its own, if this trick showed up & started croaking out a song, I’d definitely pass out.
“So this is engine oil innit? It is very sexy engine oil. It lubricates. um. your car parts, gets your motor running. Everybody buy Forte Oil engine oil, it’s the best. um. lubricant.” – Tiwa Savage